Unleashing the Power of MEAN Development
Building Modern Web Applications with a Full-Stack Edge

Discover the MEAN stack and how it empowers developers to create feature-rich,
real-time web applications with unparalleled performance and scalability.

Embrace the Future of Web Development

Exploring the MEAN Stack's Dynamic Capabilities

Streamline Your Development Workflow

Harnessing the Efficiency of MEAN Development

Dive into MEAN

Mastering the Four Pillars of Modern Web Application Development

MEANingful User Experiences

Elevate Web App Interactivity with Angular and Node.js

MEAN Security

Safeguarding Your Web Applications in an Evolving Digital Landscape

Mean Development Benefits

Maximize Your Business Opportunities with a Capable Mean Development!

  • Day-to-day reporting

    Never miss a single second and make reports that are standardized and accurate without the need for any external help.

  • Agile Reporting

    Review performance as it provides numerous avenues for sharing updates with stakeholders and tracking progress.

  • Cost-efficient

    No more wastage of a single penny, with Square Bits get all top-notch services at the most reasonable price.

  • Source Code Ownership

    Ensures that software can be copied, sold, and modified; however, you should not ignore licensing concerns and pay close attention to the terms of the contract between you and the creator.

  • 95% On-time delivery

    We never miss the deadline. What you select is what we deliver. Developing apps to make vast things accessible to you is the aim of Square Bits.

  • Vast experience

    Our team, and our staff have vast experience in this field, so trusting square bits is never a second thought, as it always provides the needed requirement quickly.

Technologies which have already been vetted through the above process

Front End Dev

Front-End Technologies

HTML AngularJS

Back-End Developers

Back-End Technologies

Node.js Express.js

Back-End Developers



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Benefits of working with us


We have a team of skilled Full-Stack developers who possess a deep understanding of various programming languages and frameworks.

Customized Solutions

Our team works with you to understand your specific business objectives to deliver a tailored solution that meets your needs.

Agile Development

We follow agile development methodologies, ensuring that your web application is delivered on time and under your budget.

Quality Assurance

We have a rigorous quality assurance process, including code reviews, testing, and debugging, which ensures that your web application is reliable and meets industry standards.


We encourage our clients to participate in the development process and provide regular updates, ensuring transparency and a smooth delivery process.


We provide affordable Full-stack development services without compromising quality, ensuring your budget for the project remains under control.

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