Privacy Policy

Codake Softwares privacy policy available for how to use their data
like name, email, phone number etc.


This section serves as an introduction to the Privacy Policy and sets the tone for the document. It establishes the company's commitment to protecting the privacy of individuals and outlines the policy's scope.

Information We Collect

This section specifies the types of information that the company collects. In the context of lead generation, it can include contact information (name, email, phone number), demographic information (company, industry, job title), and data collected from ads campaigns and social media interactions.

How We Use Your Information

Here, the company explains the purposes for which the collected information is used. In the context of lead generation, it can include providing requested information, personalizing content and communications, and analyzing the effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaigns.

Data Sharing and Disclosure

This section details who the company may share the collected information with. Common recipients might include service providers who assist in delivering products or services and disclosures required by law.

Your Privacy Choices

This part informs users of their rights and choices regarding their personal data. For instance, it should explain how users can opt out of marketing communications or request access, correction, or deletion of their data.

Data Security

This section underscores the company's commitment to data security. It explains the measures taken to protect personal information from unauthorized access, disclosure, and destruction.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

As privacy practices evolve, this part addresses the company's right to update the Privacy Policy. Users are encouraged to revisit the policy periodically to stay informed of changes.

Contact Us

Finally, this section provides contact information for users to reach out if they have questions or concerns regarding the Privacy Policy or data practices. Contact Us Email:-

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